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cuckoo clocks: special offer

Special Offer cuckoo clock
Under this heading, we will either introduce a new model in our cuckoo clocks product line or offer a certain model from our cuckoo clocks product line at a special sale price.

This month, we recommend an 8-day movement cockoo clock. We offer this clock for over 160 US $ cheaper, then our regular price. 


Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

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Black Forest cuckoo clock
Short Description Cuckoo clock in house form  (Gutach mill) with music and dancing figurines with handcarved people and animals, moving mill wheel
Awarded by the black forest clock association as
most beautiful cuckoo clock 2008
Features  Cuckoo clock with an 8-day movement and music. It  has to be wound up only once every 8 days. This cuckoo clock chime ( cuckoos ) every half hour and play a music piece simultaneously at full hour. That means at half hour (one cuckoo and no music piece) and at full hour (cuckoos the no of hours and a music piece). The music piece that is played at every full hour differs from hour to hour . The played music pieces are "Happy wanderer" and "Edelweiss"
Premium cuckoo clock 5 years warranty, wooden dial and hands, wooden bird, with night shut off, old made brown chains, door of bird is made with an metal hinge, no whole for cuckoo bellows (call inside) extra deep carvings, golden made - gong spring   2 songs, 4 dancing figurines.
Description Beautiful Black Forest cuckoo clock in house form (Gutach mill) with handcarved people and animals and.moving mill wheel Extra deep carvings, 3 pine cone weights. 
1 size and design/colour
Item: 8MT-8877.01
Price in US$: including packing and worldwide shipping with normal post US $  instead of 2837 US$
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